Unlimited by
the numbers.

Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned.

Every Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle includes 2 years of unlimited mileage warranty coverage. But what does it truly mean to drive without limits?


2 years of unlimited mileage means

17,520 hours





seconds of potential driving time (for those who really like to live in the moment).

In 63,072,000 seconds,

you could lap the N├╝rburgring

84,230 times


With that much time,
you could drive to the moon.

4.5 times

Going the speed limit.


Afraid of heights?

Give the 24 hours of Le Mans a go.

For 17,520
hours straight.

Prefer staying close to home?

With 2 years of unlimited mileage warranty coverage, you could complete
 the top 5 Canadian driving routes of all time.

2,296 times in a row.

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Discover the
full benefits of

Porsche Approved.

Before a vehicle receives the Porsche Approved designation, it must undergo rigorous inspection to ensure it delivers the same impeccable quality as when it first rolled off the production line. And once our Porsche Certified Technicians have given a model the green light, we back it up with 2 years of unlimited mileage. Because no matter how far you take your Porsche, your only concern behind the wheel should be deciding where in the world you want to go next.

When you choose Porsche Approved, we guarantee:

  • 2 years of unlimited mileage warranty coverage under the Porsche Approved Limited warranty
  • 2 years of Porsche Roadside Assistance
  • All vehicles have passed our rigorous 111-point check
  • 100% genuine Porsche parts
Discover the full benefits of Porsche Approved

by the numbers.

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